August 25, 2010

“Just be quiet and sit down/

The reason is you are drunk/

And this is the edge of the roof.”



“…And be prepared to bleed”

                                                      JONI MITCHELL,.

                                                      from “I Could Drink A Case Of You”



.They spin me ’round  one time, two.

At three, they scattered then, their laughter

Left with them, leaving me to

Compose myself

To something that may matter.



There’s  Ibis  outside, in my back lawn, my rain.

And I Have

To photograph them there,

Then stage the image at DeviantArt or Flickr,

Where some drummer will steal it

(good eye & hand talent w/the accent on eye)

Then,  those  Ibis will be  restaged

On their “releasable” CD  cover,

Or maybe his bass drum.

Maybe if I was loaded or dumb

I’d upload it to Facebook

So high school “friends” I didn’t even  talk to

May be bored enough snoops..

They’ll see my birds

Then back,

Away.  poof

I’ll snoop myself / Craigslist for free.

“Missed connections” is the only place

To see who’ve noticed your face

And wanted you,  destinyly.



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