July 29, 2010




I’m just an ocean’s distance

Over from challenging some true

Chains  of  circumstance

I take pains to subscribe to,


&  less than a fierceless

Suburban front lawn dog

Tests  his  tether.

I might better set out for

This  night’s  serious  fog.


4 Responses to “TERRITOREALIZE”

  1. Sherry said

    If I didn’t know better, I’d think you know me. This just spoke so powerfully to me. Thank you.

  2. […] terrific REAL poet is amongst us. I suggest you try this one and then browse through the site for other perfect gems. This one spoke so powerfully to me, that I […]

    • G.R. said

      A supreme compliment & kind comment from you
      makes a rare-smiler beam inside. Thanx for the tres’cool mention in yr damn fine blog (I truely enjoy one posting after another from you.)
      Like Van Morrison exaltedly cries
      “It’s too late to stop now!”
      Strength & Mercy to you, & all

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