Breathing Exercises

July 6, 2010

She won’t roll away & not watch me.

Y’see, I won’t seem to take,

When I dream (or wake).

to take another breath before

The scene fades, before

lights go up

then down to more of a zoom.

She waits in our bedroom for me to resume.


We went to go to a yoga class.

Where a barefooted, hairpleated group leader;

beautiful, and calmer than a

merciful last coma,

She insisted that our deep breath is

the gist of all of it (within, & out).

We rearrange the short & tall of it.

The Gist to change the depth, see,

of our sea of possibillity.

When we inhale

we rememorize our own gods.

We exhale our hell.  barefoot.  on a mat.

Whew. To that.


When I get to go to the Gulf of Mexico

I’ll try out the drink, 1st thing.

I’ll try not to think when I try to let go

& sink when I deadman’s float all day,

into what I think of as a spiritual drift, in a way.

I’ll hold onto my breath,

face down,

head down.


.                                               one I posted way back/geez, it’s summer


3 Responses to “Breathing Exercises”

  1. Damn. Love the vernacular and the understated rhyme/rhythm. “beautiful, and calmer than a/merciful last coma,” my favorite line. “Whew. To that” is also pretty good.

    Not very uplifting breathing exercises. I can relate to the dead-ish-ness.

  2. nice work… i’ve been thinking about breathing a lot as well – with yoga teacher and the whole thing – awareness takes a lot of effort.


  3. thanx so, for both yr kind comments. I’ve enjoyed looking in on yr works, too.

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