Poets! Poetry Lovers! Poetry Likers!

June 23, 2010

If you haven’t taken notice or you haven’t taken steps..U.S Poet Glorious Kay Ryan’s most very recent book,

“THE BEST OF IT”, which includes many great selections from her damn fine earlier collections, features 24 NEW POEMS. If you haven’t yet picked up yr. very own copy, I recommend you run not walk to yr. nearest local small business bookstore (ok, or Barnes & Noble) and treat yourself.  Or, you can glide over, not amble over to yr. nearest computer and have Amazon (ok, or Barnes & Noble) send one to yr. door, courtesy of the US Post Office.

It’s the latest thing

Also, Please Insist that yr. local community library system  has one in their collection. It’s important.


A new One


          BAIT  GOAT


There is a

distance where

magnets pull,

we feel, having

held them

back. Likewise

there is a

distance where

words attract.

Set one out

like a bait goat

and wait and

seven others

will approach.

But watch out:

roving packs can

pull your word

away. You

find that stake

yanked and some

tough bunch

to thank.


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