June 5, 2010

Hope we’re having a heaven so

I’ll look and

Daddy can call out,  (& it won’t hurt)

He’ll look just like he just got home from work,

“There’s my angry young man”.

We’d have it out;

My young man’s misery,

His young man’s mystery.

We’d upheave it out.  Heavy inquiry.

If he hadn’t killed himself he might have taught me

“you gotta take the bitter with the cold”

Outside, My Mother softened things when she told me

When I was ready she told me

“I know,

It’s vile.

He was so very sick.

They say you/   Have his look.

It  is  mostly  OK,  

You know.

I say  you’ll  have my smile”.


4 Responses to “look”

  1. faraway fan said

    Heartbreakingly candid, this. Your transparency is stark, admirable. I am grateful that you give us this view.

  2. Sherry said

    Oh my this is so very good. So many of us play around with poetry, but this is the real stuff. You are on my list to read. Thank you.

  3. no, thank you. Yr. kind to leave such a response

  4. Evelyn said

    oh my. this is gut wrenching.

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