May 29, 2010


I encounter seeing faces I have seen, Countenances

I believe  I know,   abit a blur

I can see the many apparences

Surely, all the one, to me  all lure.


From somewhere  a ways

So familiar in a dream that

Sentences formed for her

presences   are pointless,

When a smile from an eye

is enough.   Not enough.


A close look!  Too late.  In closing elevators.

One shine on a glass, as she passes.

A wave or a nod wayover another streetside.

A bolt from our sure bond that burns

From another car just as it turns.

We’re silent together and calm

fifty arms apart in a crowd

                                 in a loud throng.

I’ll see you for a sliver

In all this  time & space, long  

In all this  space & time, a pace or two wrong.


One Response to “Countenances”

  1. perfect image with this blur of

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