1 Part Alone

May 19, 2010

“Where will I be  When I go back home?

Who will I see  When I’m all alone?

And What’ll I do?”

                                                 –David Crosby, from “Where Will I be?”



The main I’ve heard

Is that people want a partner

“So I don’t die alone”


umm, I Embrace,  Tho’ waste,  my own time.


At the end of all my nights

I might had been clean & clever enough

For her to had laughed, and had left

Her hand on my thigh

As I wait down the night sky

Toughening up for day.


4 Responses to “1 Part Alone”

  1. kimmy said

    Is fear the only thing that drives a relationship? I wonder….

  2. naw, Though it seems to me it comes up as one of the top five things (I saw it on the INJEOPARDY TV show) It surely isn’t the only thing, I know that it has no place in my POV (fear of being alone? “I embrace..my own time”) Haven’t
    you heard this “alone” line before? Dontcha think that alone people the world over wanna allieve that
    “sure is quiet in here” inner monologue?
    I wonder what you wonder, my cool new friend,Kimmy

  3. kimmy said

    I only wonder how I managed to get through the first half of my life with my wits intact. 😀

  4. With so many inner voices reaching for my soul, I’m never lonely, even without a partner. I’m always looking within for fulfillment.

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