a single signalling

May 1, 2010

I and It may not be monstertruck obvious

But like a catspurr can spur you through a thunderstorm

Or a night, Or origami maybe might

Amaze you in new ways for focus, and sight–


A single signalling;

A child of eleven

On a church swing

Offers  “You’re funny”,

I’ll take it  as honey

On manna from heaven.


The world’s love’s not worth leaving, all in all.

Mine’s a frontline free for all an’

It’s  Mercy  itself  inside all this breathing.

An air strike has been called in

And tear gas’  got me weeping.


Same as a mammoth

Dropping to his knees

(I’ve seen it from my cave),

Or,  a sweet whale sweating and letting go

Off the side of his seas,

Too far off from saving wave,

Or, one wheelchair child really feeling

Enough in him, not his flesh,

To reach  especially  hard

To a high gardenia.


2 Responses to “a single signalling”

  1. murmurs said

    The world’s love is worth staying for. You’re funny. And you call forth tears from my heart to my eyes.

  2. hanna elson said

    i like this

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