I’m Going On No Moon

April 13, 2010

I’m going on no moon.  And no one

Made me any offers. Tell Tale signs stay silent.

It’s gonna  simply empty out,

This night, right to its residue.

It’s gonna  spill out again as fountains do.

But wishing wells replenish

W/shiny pennies/ Pitched prayers cheap,

Bright as church bought candles.


Night wants a way with you.

It  stews, but

I do see hidden handles.

You gotta know when to get out,

You go inside and light lanterns.

You gotta know which trail to see clear

To see clearer

Nocturnal patterns.


(lit lanterns surely must lure  lost angels

it matters to turn first to conference then

all our eyes on the one sunrise)


3 Responses to “I’m Going On No Moon”

  1. faraway fan said

    “All our eyes on the one sunrise.”
    Yes. That says it exactly.

  2. The title is already an adventure

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