Fastly Blasphemy In/ Devout

April 9, 2010

      s t I N K


of all the lies

in the air

that this liar

is truely unaware of

(is  ’truely’  the right word?)

of all the lies

casual and caressing there

the air currents  n

night blooming jasmine

(is  ’current’  the correct word?)

the golden ones have come from…

(I’ve told em. All alchemy.)

emboldened lies, all born, I imagine,

from an open pen draining onto pages,


from nothing.




            I’VE   IVORY


Shiny gold pen when an old

Shade-off light bulb

(it can be a candle)

Best Klieg-lights this crèche ,

Best showcases this birthplace.


      On my knees

To lure verities,  (surely,  scour our trees)

To cure maladies,

Wrest fallacies from unsound foundations,

Whisper one less lonely

Wise,  recognizable incantation.

Take this shiny gold pen…!


It’s nearby,  go forth,  go further.

I clear my path,

&  Go over…

&  I’ve  Ivory!

Simba’ s  mammoth  cemetary!

(they must go deep)

Precious sunned bones poised on as symbols

Archetexture   actually

I take a sacred see of symmetry


2 Responses to “Fastly Blasphemy In/ Devout”

  1. faraway fan said

    All fiction is lies, but it’s interesting lies. You’ve ivory more than you’ve lies, my friend.

  2. Evelyn said

    “Precious sunned bones poised on as symbols
    Archetexture actually
    I take a sacred see of symmetry”
    love how playful this is.

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