some brushes with fame

March 23, 2010

Spaulding Gray,   RIP

Met, when he approached me, introduced himself and invited me to join him onstage for a performance, seriously


Barry Sobel

met in an odd situation, introduced him to my brother


Richard Thompson

met  twice for a backstage meet & greet

a hero



now, it’s yr turn. Do Tell


2 Responses to “some brushes with fame”

  1. jadepaloma said

    I met the leader of the Romanian extremist right-wing party in Bucharest while exiting a mall. I told him to rot in hell. He called his bodyguards. The rest is fiction, as I started the engine and took off.

    Then I also met two of our former presidents, a left wing and a right wing one. See above.

    Oh, and then I meet myself in the mirror every single morning. Once again, see above.

  2. great call out for conversation – i met wangari maathai — her skin the most beautiful chocolate color I’ve ever seen, her spirit however moves mountains

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