She’s Readying Our Bed

March 3, 2010

We’ll be signalled by the sound of the sheets

And come running in a beeline

More like  felines;

Harrison, Kayryan, then there’s Carl.

We’ll wind our way

Towards  sheer clouds  and sure play;

I’d guess less Hide than Seek.

I’d bet about No  “A-Boo”,

It’s more all Go  for “Peek, Peek, Peek”.

Us cats & kitties will fly in from nearby cities.

Boy, We’ll bound up there…

No, we’ll feel free  and go


Up upon there.


One Response to “She’s Readying Our Bed”

  1. there is some very interesting play on words here. peek, bound, unbound, up, free and go – playful and furry

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