February 7, 2010

Fairly, I stare from my straight backed chair

to my barely living room

Fairly, she fled, as anger and surprise

cleared & clouded  her love/ her eyes


It’s fairly quiet.  I have half the cats. They can’t distract me so soon.

I’m facing the fireplace mantle

Chimes pendulous, still hellbent unstill  (yet quiet)

Indeterminate time. A siren outside

marks and mocks  the moment.

There’s movement,  I guess,

Measuring off this stillness;

Incessant clock swings,

Persistent cats’



When I turn to watch my water glass

I might yearn to reach my water glass

To clear my throat, I guess,

I fear may start my progress.


2 Responses to “start”

  1. slpmartin said

    I really like the line “she fled, as anger and surprise cleared & clouded her love/ her eyes” …it generated some interesting images for me…thanks.

  2. I like the play on
    barely a living room
    it’s as if
    a room has life in it
    or doesn’t

    and the word fairly in this context says expected to me

    it was time

    you ok friend?

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