January 16, 2010


on the mountain path
our cloud I imagine would wrap around us
just off the mountain path;
imprints of snow angels where we dryhumped.
hot tea on yr nightstand, whiskeycoffee by my light
feet & legs entwinings, as our hands
worked creative crosswords
and worked in puns and sexual slang.
“don’t stop” the feel
as I’m up  to put on another log
so that i can watch you in the magic dance light.
And you can  over- look from your open book
to watch me naked in the kitchen
making the best from what we have
to serve you
in our own time

4 Responses to “A CLEARING IN OUR CLOUD”

  1. kseverny said

    passionate poem. nice

  2. gypsy said

    very intimate insight…lovely 🙂

  3. snow angels and dry humping, fascinating play on words

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