loose change

December 2, 2009

don’t even half choose

to carry loose change.

It lets itself be known to me.

A quiet man  is noisy.

I search for the underlying themes

that surfaces, as blue gills & dying perch will do.

An unresolve.

An unsettlement I mean to settle up.

Which flotsam, riches  from the deep end;

Raucous, compelling, telling sleeptalk?


Find a pen

And something to write on.

Mind,  legs-open for

Something to write on.


9 Responses to “loose change”

  1. opoetoo said

    the idea of dying fish and underlying themes is something i will not soon forget.

    • Thanx so. Comments from soneone like you, clearly a fine poet, I love yr blog site, (may I recommend it to all)

      • opoetoo said

        i have been called many things.
        fine poet is not one of them.
        you are a fine comedian.
        but i thank you very much and wish for all the vistors i can get.

      • I have been called a comedian from time to time (I like it when little children say “You’re funny”,my favorite compliment), but these things I mentioned were straightforward. I made you a favorite so that i might see what you’re up to from time to time. I hope you do the same.thanx,G

      • opoetoo said

        Please forgive the Werewolf.
        He sneaks in during the wee hours after consuming copious amounts of 85% dark chocolate and diet mt. dew.
        He does not take compliments well as they distract him from hollowing at the moon and dwelling on his insecurities.
        But I am back to let you know that I will follow your work and hope to see your comments on mine sometime.
        Thank you for you kind words and patience with me and my furry counterpart.

  2. Duma Key said

    “I search for the underlying themes
    that surfaces, as blue gills & dying perch will do”

    I love the imagery associated with this line.
    A great post, much thought and depth with in.

  3. i can feel the weight of the loose change in your pocket and the urgency to share, nicely done

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